"Art is coming face to face with yourself."

-Jackson Pollock

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brimming with new skills and ideas from AU 2010

What an awesome year at Art Unraveled in Phoenix. I had sooo much fun with my friend Cindy Swan Eagan from Michigan. We met 5 years ago at both our first AU in the registration line on the first day and we're still art buddies. We can get ourselves into alot of trouble encouraging each other on Saturdays "shopping day", well isn't everyday "shopping day"? Can't wait to hang with you in 2011 if not before!

Everyone in Karen Michels Gridlock Wood Collage class had a ball putting together all our little treasures. I have enjoyed every class I've had with Karen, I think this was my 5th.

I really pushed myself in taking a metal jewelry class, must admit don't think I'll be doing any more of that, it was hard! I kind of did my own thing and made a pendant instead of a pin. At least I finished something.

Soldering for Maidens was an awesome class with the fabulous Paula Hardesty. What a great teacher. I had never picked up a soldering iron before and by the time I left I felt very comfortable with it and will surely do this again. She supplied a very generous and well thought out kit. I highly recommend classes with her.

Zenhancements with Rena Tucker was fun. She gave me some great ideas to to do in my collaged journals. She supplied an awesome kit for each of us.

Sumputious Sumi turned out to be just that with the well known Jill Berry. Just plain fun playing with sumi inks. It will be nice to incorporate these handmade papers in future projects.

I'm hooked on a new medium...Waxed Collage, taught by Patricia Seggebruch. I even bought all her new encaustic equipment and kits on shopping day Saturday.

Wabi Sabi with Serena Barton was interesting, definately some new ideas to play with.

Katherine England, what can I say. She is a fabulous teacher. Some pretty cool stuff came out of her 2 day class on Mosaics.

Last but not least, Folk Art Dolls with Olivia Thomas. Shown in various stages of completion.


Studio 13 by Carrie said...

Fabulous!!!! Everything looks amazing!!! I am looking at JOurnalfest...what classes are you taking? I want day 1 w/Ingrid Djikers, day 2 daniel Essig and day 3 Lisa Cheney...Gonna start planning

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

This looks like a fabulously creative journey. I would love to take a mosaic class, and I follow Ingrid Djikers too.

Nicole Austin said...

wow! what amazing art! i've always wanted to go to AU--i have family in tempe and gilbert, az. i've gotta coincide a visit with this event next year! ;)