"Art is coming face to face with yourself."

-Jackson Pollock

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Vacation From My Vacation

I've been on vacation since April 17th. Visited relatives near Chicago. The highlight of that trip was camping with my son, daughter inlaw and granddaughter. They encouraged me to try rock climbing out in nature (not just the climbing gym) what an adventure! Makes me aware of just how much I am aging. It takes alot of flexibility that I just don't have anymore. I thank them for making me push my limits..."Do what you think you can't!" I also had a reunion with a special friend from my highschool days, it had been far too long. I realized in catching up with her that I had accomplished alot in 8 years. Each day seems to pass slowly, but looking back, the days just flash by. Live each day to the fullest! I flew back home to CA with my precious little 5 year old granddaughter Bailey. What a ball full of fun she is. We went to Disneyland for the 2nd year in a row. Last year it was fun to see her face the first time on things like rollercoasters and this year it was fun to see her excitement knowing what she was in for. Two inches taller and able to take in a few more frightening rides. She is a daredevil, she went on rollercoasters over and over again, however she was frightened of the Haunted House and Pirates of the Carribean. We were then joined by my parents from Illinois. We enjoyed the San Diego Zoo with them and wine country amoung other things. Many good meals and 10 lbs later everyone has gone home. It was a nice month that went by all to fast! I now need a vacation from my vacation...I am ready to make some art now, with lots of new inspiration and energy found.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

More Moore...

Art supplies used: Fabriano Artistico 140 lb hotpress watercolor paper, Goldens fluid acrylics, Daniel Smiths watercolors, various collaged scraps, magazine clips, images, caran 'd ache crayons, gel pens, colored pencil, and charcoal. I love piecing together found images into the bizarre. I also love quotes, lyrics and journaling to fit the images. I find it very theraputic to cut and paste. I have file drawers I keep images in by category. I house my paperabilia in pizza boxes labeled with categories. I find that working late at night when the house is quiet is when I do my best work. I'm in my own little world of make believe.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Always The Spring

Always The Spring

Life has its seasons - its bright summer days,
Its autumns made poignant with memories' haze,
Its cold, lonely winters when bitter winds blow -
But always the crocus of Hope in the snow.

Always the day when the morning breaks through
And clouds break away to a skyful of blue.
Life has its seasons - its sun and its rain,
Its winter - but always the springtime again.

by Helen Lowrie Marshall

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Journaling with Teesha Moore 2006

Here are the first few pages of my journal from Teesha's class. The "amazing 16 page journal" has so many interesting flips and folds, it is a fun divergence from the norm. Since everyone is getting ready to go to Artfest, thought you might like looking at it. Hope I can attend someday, I'm jealous! I'll post more pages tomorrow. Remember Fiberfest brochure is up today.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Cameron !

My name is Cameron (Cammie), you'll probably be seeing alot of me. I love to hang out with my mom till the wee hours of the night watching her do her thing. I love everything she makes (LOL)unconditionally. My bed is right on top of the desk, I never let her out of my sight. Oh, by the way it's my birthday today, I'm 6! I especially like looking at http://aplacetobark.blogspot.com/
there's some nice art work for sale there that will help some of my friends. So check it out! Bernie's the best!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Welcome to Art After Midnight!

This is my first attempt at blogging, so hang with me. First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Kimber Seistrup, I live in Murrieta, CA, with my husband and my dog Cameron. I have two wonderful sons and a beautiful granddaughter. I like to play with all my mixed media art supplies and I love to journal.

I've been busy this past year taking classes with Kelly Kilmer and Anne Grgich at A Little Bizaar(Lake Elsinore), attending Art Unraveled in Phoenix AZ(with Traci Bautista, Julianna Coles, Lynne Perrella, Karyn Gartel, Gail Russakov and John Whipple), and The Paper Studio's "Under the Covers" journaling event with Teesha Moore.

In her class we made the amazing 16 page journal that is featured in issue no. six of Art and Life. I am almost finished with my second book. I love her techniques! This is the cover of the first book. I will share my pages in the coming days.