"Art is coming face to face with yourself."

-Jackson Pollock

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidays Friends and Family!

"Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas and you stop opening presents and listen." -Bobby age 7

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Journalfest 2010

Carrie Dunsworth-Todd, my friend and housemate. This photo was taken with her camera, thanks for sharing your awesome photos with me, I just love this one. I will "carrie" these memories of Journalfest with me forever my friend. Can't wait till 2011. Catch her spread in the Nov./Dec. issue of Somerset Artful Blogging magazine, on news stands now.

This is the view I saw everyday walking to class. The snow capped mountains are not always visable due to weather I was told.

Officer's Housing on the ground's of Fort Worden

Enjoying a "somoore" at the beach bonfire and journaling night. (Photo courtesy of Carrie Dunsworth-Todd, she's an awesome photographer by the way!)

Fort Worden is the most inspiring place for a person to find their muse. Deer are everywhere, you can walk right up to them as they are feeding. One afternoon after lunch four racoons ran right past me.

My "Oz in a Box" journal I made with Katherine England. She rocks! I have had the pleasure of taking two classes with her this year, this and a mosaic class. Loved both, great teaching style Katherine, and an awesome human being.

This is some of the beautiful results of Orly Avineri's class, Mapping Me...Yummy!

This is a grid of each class members "ugly art", we were to cut loose and make it ugly, to get over the fear of perfection. We grouped them together for a shot and decided they weren't so bad, we kind of liked them all together. I am currently working in my journal on Liesel Lund's collaging and painting techniques from this class, Wild and Joyful Journaling. What a sweetie Liesel is. (love my scarf Liesel)

SURREALIZED, a techno group from Seattle WA. You're going to be hearing alot about this dynamic duo in the future, they are amazing. They send me places I haven't been while I'm journaling. I got one of their CD's and am trying to wear it out!

That's me under there...

Just some of the spectacular costumes, sorry I didn't get your name but you were lovely.

Tiphoni and Mushroom(can't remember your name darn it) you and all of the crew were sooo accomodating and helpful!

It's the talented Judy Wise under there, so good to see her doing well!

The enchanting Melanie Christie

Fabulously frightening

More awesomeness, sorry no name.

Julianna wore this all day not just at the party, so fun!

Andrew and Trista(steam punkers)

Journaling Party, oh what a night...

Melanie Christe, working on her "Through the Rabbit Hole" book from Ingrid Dijkers class, love this Melanie!

Sorry I didn't get your name, but what a haunted awesome page!)

Julianna Coles and her "brew"d.

Orly Avineri and friend.

There's Judy Wise, Liesel Lund and Katie Kendrick

Lisa Cheney Jorgensen presenting a collaborative post it note class drawing to Teesha. How cool is that!

Goodbye Washington, see you in April...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Big Island of Hawaii and Kauai

Our favorite place to stay on Kauai, The Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa.

Romantic Tommy Bahama dinner and a sunset with my sweetheart, priceless.

Didn't want to leave our Paradise away from home...we'll be back in January.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Recycled Couture at the Portland Airport

Look closely for things like cat litter bags, plastic forks and spoons, used coffee filters, Venetian blinds, Royal Crown purple felt draw string bags etc. http://www.junktofunk.org/

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ROD Journal #3

Another one finished before vacation, enjoy!

See ya when I come back. I'll post Oregon Coast photos of our trip.